Best Time For Having Different Foods

Some foods are better eaten at certain times. Here Glenn Gration shares a video which shows what to eat throughout the day to maintain energy and a healthy weight.


How To Naturally Slow Aging

How To Naturally Slow Aging

Increasing age is a complex process which involves many areas of your body. It’s not likely that any one product or pill could get rid of all of the illnesses of aging. However, there are actions you can take that not only will help you age more slowly but will improve your standard of living. Your best gamble for an extended and healthy life is to:

1. Consume a varied and healthy diet. Include plenty of fruits, vegetables and wholegrain foods. Fiber, calcium, straightener, magnesium, and vitamins all play a part in keeping your system functioning at its best. Drink plenty of fluids to keep healthy skin and remove waste materials. Eating right will allow you to maintain a healthy weight.

2. Exercise every day. Workout boosts appetite, makes healthy bones, gives you an improved emotional outlook and increases digestion and circulation. Training makes you better and helps you lose weight.

3. Seeking prompt medical care when you are ill or injured. Tune in to your body and care for any little problems before they turn to be big problems. Get screened for diseases such as tumor and heart disease.

Slow Down Skin Aging

4. Use sunscreen to prevent sunburn. Professionals agree that one of the very most significant factors contributing to aging is chronic inflammation of the skin.

5. Quit smoking and prevent secondhand smoke. Smoking cigarettes has very damaging results and drastically increases your likelihood of getting malignancy and heart problems.

6. Deal with stress. Stress is a part of everyday life. Develop ways to help you cope and modify to situations in your life which may cause you stress.

7. Seek out ways to improve overall health and enthusiasm for life. Be curios and creative that can encourage you to learn new pleasures. You can also use humor and laughter to help you age well and live long.

8. Keep strong relationships. Maintaining close connections to your family and friends are crucial to healthy aging.

Naturally Slow Aging

9. Do not let fears and worries control your life. A concerned mind is not at peace and robs you of zest and energy that you simply need to maintain youthfulness.

10. Keep cellular material youthful with antioxidants. Vitamin antioxidants are found in a full-range of vegetables and fruits, as well as in some meat, like fish. Though, our bodies produce the own antioxidants, the level of product declines over time because of environmental factors and through the aging process. You can also take anti oxidant supplements or even anti – oxidant teas.

Do all you can to be healthy and in doing so you will age group slower. If you have any questions about products that claim to halt or reverse aging ask your doctor. They can help you sort through the data and get the facts. Follow for more health tips

10 Tricks to Burn Yourself to a Gorgeous Body

10 Tricks to Burn Yourself to a Gorgeous Body

Many people I know start off the New Yr by looking into making resolutions to lose weight and improve your fitness. often, this mission is often easier said than done. Some keep going for a little longer than others, but also for most, inspiration starts to fizzle soon into the next self serve buffet engagement.

Have no apprehension:

Ten delightful tactics can empower you to encourage your self to the body. Whether you are trying to lose a great deal or merely a few pounds or else you want to exercise more to tone your body, you can create an action plan that can help you stay motivated.


Conviction is the primal way so that you can motivate yourself to exercise more in order to stick to a diet. Faith in yourself is also known as self-efficacy and it means that once you think that you can do something, no matter how hard, do it. All those who have a lot of self-esteem assume that they may have the power to make within themselves. These without solid self-confidence will find that they will have a much more difficult time sticking to any fitness plan and will not exert much effort.


A staunch support system of relatives and buddies keeps almost anyone enthusiastic to achieve their goals. When ever a person starts a new fitness plan or diet program, many changes need to happen. This is important to have others that can support both you and understand your personal goals. Permit those around you know that you might want them to support your new goal and try to include them in your objectives.

Lose Weight Tips By Glenn Gration

Great Mind-set:

Your enthusiasm will soar if you keep a positive attitude towards your new fitness goals. Take into account the positive aspects of a healthier lifestyle and exercise plan and keep that at heart you may well be tempted to skip a day at the health club. When following any fitness plan, it is also important to remember that you could have setbacks or you might not exactly achieve your goals as fast as you had hoped. Keeping your stance positive even during the rough times will help you stay focused on aims.

Stick to Through:

You will find that you provide an easier time staying motivated when you make a plan and maintain at it. Without understanding each step you need to take to reach your goals, it can be harder to give attention to the destination. For example, if you are seeking to eat healthier, take note of what foods you want to eliminate and foods your want to add to your diet. As you may progress, compare your results with your plan which will help you stay the course.

Keep Structured:

Keeping organized will will keep the motivation burning to stay on the new fitness plan. Considering heading to the gym a few times every week, you can get everything required ready to go the nighttime before. Have your shoes, gym clothes and regular membership card by the threshold. Not only will this make it easier for you find just what you need, but it will also function as an image reminder of pregnancy. Maintain your days planned away and schedule time in for healthy cooking or burning the asphalt.

Varieties of Motivation:

Extrinsic & intrinsic are both types of motivation. Understand what they mean and which helps keep you determined. Individuals who are intrinsically motivated do not need outside pushes, such as rewards to stay focused. They have the ability from within to stay motivated. Other pushes, such as rewards or praise from others, inspire those who are encouraged extrinsically. Most people feel motivated both ways. Figure out what kind of inspiration keeps you passionate.

Fit Bodies Tips By Glenn Gration

Praise Yourself:

Incentives can be a great motivator, particularly in a new fitness plan. Give yourself a little incentive when you meet each of aims. This will help you get to your final goal. You may choose to buy yourself a new t-shirt when you lose five pounds or maybe go see a movie. What ever appeals to you would stoke the flames of zeal.


When you are trying to get the body through a fitness plan, look for a hero. That person does not have to be famous, but any person you look up to. Maybe it is someone you know with happiness for healthy living. Work with that person to imitate when your spirit begins to pass.

Knowledge is Power:

Once you commit yourself to a new fitness program, arm yourself with piles of information. Compare different diets and exercise plans. Learn the ins and outs of each and every one and you may make self-confident informed decision.

Varied Uses:

Another great way to stay motivated is by diversifying activities. At the time you commence to feel upset, you can set it aside and do something you really love. It might even be possible to incorporate what you love doing to help you achieve your fitness aims.

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10 Steps To Asthma Self Help

10 Steps To Asthma Self Help

Glenn Gration describe controlling asthma is not something your doctor can do for you simply by him or her self. Asthma self help is an important part of treating and managing your condition in order that it doesn’t take over your entire life. Your medical professional may prescribe both daily medication and medication to take in case of an acute asthma instance, but the task of minimizing risk of breathing difficulties attack and taking attention of yourself on a daily basis is essentially up to you and your family. Learning some key asthma self help tricks can help you keep your asthma under control so that it doesn’t affect your daily life.

Because asthma can be caused, triggered or worsened by so many things, there are many things that you can do to lessen the frequency and severity of the symptoms. Your doctor will give you important recommendations in conjunction with medication to help you manage your asthma. Think about those recommendations as a customized asthma do it yourself help plan. A major part of asthma personal help involves avoiding bronchial asthma triggers.

Asthma Breakthrough

Some techniques you can help yourself if you or someone in your family has breathing difficulties include:

1. The first and most important step in asthma self help is to follow along with your physician’s orders. Don’t stop taking daily medication just because you feel better. In the event that he’s recommended daily top flow measurements, make certain to adhere to instructions carefully and assess daily to monitor your problem.

2. If you smoke, quit. Whether the asthma sufferer is that you simply or a child in your household, cigarette smoke is one of the most typical asthma triggers known.

3. Keep the house dust-free – or as near to dust-free as possible. Dust is yet another common asthma trigger. Generate use of a tube vacuum rather than an erect – preferably one which encloses the vacuum cleaner tote inside a solid container to reduce pumping dirt back into mid-air.

4. If you can, remove carpets and heavy curtains. They’re dust-catchers that easily breed dust mites. In the event that you can’t take them off, vacuum them frequently by using a canister vacuum clean.

5. Stay away from down down pillows and comforters, and use a plastic cover on your mattress. A mattress and pillows can possess dust mites. The same goes for stuffed pets and other ‘soft’ decor.

6. Cover your mouth area and nose with a scarf in cold temperature. Frosty air is another common asthma trigger.

7. Should your asthma is triggered by allergens, monitor the outside the house quality of air daily. Avoid open fields and woodsy areas during maximum pollen seasons, and take extra care when air quality is danger varieties.

8. Mold is another common allergen that creates asthma. Keeping mold down is another important part of asthma self help care. Dry wet routine laundry immediately, and wash and disinfect bathrooms and baths regularly. Remove houseplants, as mold grows in their soil.

9. Pet pet pollen can also trigger breathing difficulties symptoms. If you cannot part with a dog or cat because of emotional connections, at least keep it out of the bedroom to minimize your publicity to dander.

10. End up being aware of any food or ingested allergies, and prevent foods, medications and beverages that cause allergic reactions.

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5 Tips For A Healthy Thanksgiving To Avoid Weight Gain

5 Tips For A Healthy Thanksgiving To Avoid Weight Gain

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of gluttony and weight gain that will continue well into the holiday season. Glenn Gration explain every attempt to avoid fat- and calorie-laden foods, we fall into temptation before we even get to the main course. A couple of potato salads, meatloaf, and pumpkin pie slices later, we begin to wonder: “Is eating healthy on Thanksgiving impossible?”

The holiday season is challenging for everyone, and staying on track with our diet can be daunting. Previous research has found people’s perceived weight gain varies between zero and 6.7 pounds with an average of 3.5, but their actual weight gain was just under 1 pound. In reality, “holiday weight” may be nothing to panic over, but we should still practice healthy eating, most importantly, portion control.

Below are five eating tips for a thinner, healthier Thanksgiving dinner.


A healthy Thanksgiving dinner starts before we even have our first bite. Many of us opt to skip or limit breakfast to save the calorie overindulgence for later, but this can lead to more overeating at dinner. A 2013 study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found consuming a protein-packed breakfast promotes satiety later in the day, reducing mindless snacking. We’re more likely to feel fuller throughout the day, and eat a smaller dinner, and fewer nighttime snacks.

Dr. Lori Shemek, a diet and nutrition expert, explains that protein promotes satiety due to its ability to balance blood sugar, preventing blood sugar spikes and precipitous drops that can lead to hunger and overeating.

Quick Weight Loss

“Protein, like fat, is metabolized slower than carbohydrates which allows time for the brain to register you have had enough food,” she told Medical Daily.


Our first impulse is to reach for a larger plate that can fit all our food. However, to practice portion control, it’s best to choose our plate wisely. Appetizers, such as soup or salad, help to reduce a higher food intake throughout dinner.

Tory Tedrow, a registered dietitian and head of nutrition for the app Sugar Checked, suggests to start off with broth-based soups and salads, since they are high in water, and therefore, filling.

“Starting a meal with one of these lets you fill up on low-calorie foods before diving into the more indulgent dishes allowing you to eat smaller portions,” she told Medical Daily.

Liz Cort, certified personal trainer and founder and president of Team Fit, suggests using a smaller plate, and focusing on adequate vegetable, and lean protein portions when serving our own dish. If we’re hungry later on, she suggests eating a high fiber starch, and pairing it with some more vegetables. Digesting starch with an animal protein helps to ease the digestive process.

healthy weight loss shakes

“Both starches and animal proteins take approximately 3 to 5 hours to pass the stomach, while vegetables are much quicker” she told Medical Daily.

Using a red-colored plate can also curb overindulgence. A 2013 study in Appetite found people tend to eat, or use less of things on red dishes, whether it’s chocolate or hand cream. A red plate with a smaller circumference will help you practice portion control effortlessly.


These five eating tips will help you have a healthier Thanksgiving, without the guilt or weight gain.


Turkey can come in white or dark meat, but several experts suggest if you have an option, white, skinless turkey breast is the leanest of all choices. Skinless dark meat contains more fat than white meat, according to Shemek. However, white meat tends to be the driest, which can lead some people to overcompensate with high-calorie gravy. Whether you decide to go skinless white or dark, either option contains fewer calories than eating turkey with the skin.

Health And Fitness


Desserts are calorie-laden sweet traps we fall victim to in a moment of weakness. A few bites of dessert should be enough to satisfy our sweet tooth. Sticking with a classic, such as a slice of pumpkin pie, or any berry pie, is a healthier choice as the antioxidants and phytonutrients help promote weight loss and optimal health.

“Both pumpkin and berries are low-sugar foods and help prevent the blood sugar swings of other traditional Thanksgiving desserts such as pecan pie,” said Shemek.

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A glass of wine for dinner, followed by several toasts later, can add on the calories quickly. Rebecca Lewis, an in-house registered dietician at Hello Fresh, suggests we avoid excess alcohol — drinking our calories. She has outlined the calorie intake for the following drinks below:

1 glass of wine =  5 fluid ounces = 125 calories

1 can of beer = 12 fluid ounces = 154 calories

1 shot = one and a half fluid ounces = 96 calories

Shemek also suggests trying this mental trick: divide the plate into 3 sections, with half the plate for veggies, one-quarter for protein, and one-quarter for carbs.

She suggests: “Eat the veggies first as they are high in fiber, which sends the message to the brain, ‘you are well on your way to having enough food.’”

Remember to eat only until you are satisfied, or until you feel 80 percent full.

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22 Reasons To Drink Mangosteen Juice

22 Reasons To Drink Mangosteen Juice

One day friend of mine glenn gration brought a supplement drink called manhosteen and he offers me to buy that drink in 30 Usd for a 25floz bottle.  He gave me information and 22 major reasons about this drink. Please check below:

  1. eye care-prevents glaucoma and cataracts
  2. it tastes good
  3. pansystemic – a synergistic effect on the whole body
  4. lowers blood fat
  5. lowers fevers
  6. anti-tumor benefits
  7. numerous references to “Immunostimulants”
  8. prevents hardening of the arteries
  9. anti-depressant
  10. protects the heart muscle
  11. anti-aging
  12. prevents fum disease
  13. weight loss
  14. blood sugar lowering
  15. anti-Parkinson, anti-Alzheimer and other forms of dementia
  16. energy boosters – anti-fatique
  17. lowers blood pressure
  18. prevents and arrest fungus
  19. cancer: Mangosteen helps in the prevention of cancer with its powerful anti-oxidants.
  20. prevents bacterial infections
  21. anti-diarrheal
  22. viral fighters and prevention of infections

Drink Mangosteen Juice

What is mangosteen? I have never heard of it or have the slightest idea what it looks like.

After further research, the mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) is a tropical evergreen tree, considered to have originated in the Sunda Islands and the Moluccas. The tree increases from 7 to twenty-five meters tall. The ready-to-eat fruit is deep reddish colored purple when ripe. In Asia, the mangosteen berry is recognized as the “Queen of Fruits, ” while the durian (Durio spp. ) is known as the “King of Fruits. inches It is closely related to other edible exotic fruits such as button mangosteen and lemondrop mangosteen.

The exterior shell of the fruit is quite hard, typically 4-6 cm in diameter. Cutting through the shell, one finds a white, fleshy fruit approximately for five cm in diameter. Depending on the size and ripeness, there may or might not exactly be pits in the segments of the fruit. The amount of fruit pods is directly related to the number of padding on the bottom of the shell. On average a mangosteen has 5 fruits (round up figure).

I have eaten a lot of exotic vegetables in my life, including the King Of Fruits and vegetables – durian, but We have never seen or tasted this Queen of Fruits. I bought the $30 bottle from my coworker and chucked down the mangosteen juice. I actually do feel more lively for the rest of day, and i also will have to let you know in the near future if this will help lose some weight!

The Importance of Calcium in a Woman’s Diets

The Importance of Calcium in a Woman's Diets

Recently Glenn Gration published an article about the importance of exercise in fighting against the bone-brittling disease osteoporosis.

There are actually 3 primary factors that may put someone at risk for osteoporosis—women in particular:

  • lack of calcium
  • hormonal deficiency (estrogen in particular)
  • lack of physical activity

So in addition to exercise and hormonal factors, a woman’s diet is extremely important in guarding off this very debilitating condition.

One of the reason’s why we do not recommend most traditional diet plans and programs is because the over-restrictive eating guidelines often eliminate or seriously limit the consumption of some very necessary vitamins and minerals that keep the body healthy and strong.

healthy bones

You never want to get to a point where you are sacrificing health merely to lose weight. In fact, any weight loss program worth half its salt will make sure that the recommendations made for your daily diet intake are well balanced and full of all the nutrients that you need.

The most important time to get an appropriate amount of calcium is between the ages of 14 and 24, when peak bone mass is obtained. Then after that bone continues to develop until about age 35 to 40, at which time the bone mass that a woman has will strongly determine how much at risk she may befor bone fractures in her later years.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommends that women intake 1,000 mg (1g) of calcium daily, and then increase their daily dosage to 1,500 mg (1.5g) post menopause.

Sadly, only an estimated 25% of women in any age group consume the recommended daily amount of calcium to guard against osteoporosis. And when they go on diets and weight loss programs, they tend to consume even less.

Lowfat dairy prodcuts such as milk (skim milk is a better option), yogurt, and cottage cheese are all excellent sources of dietary calcium. For those who are lactose intolerant or who wish to generally stay away from dairy products, non-dairy alternatives fortified with calcium will do as long as they contained the recommended daily allowance (RDA). The nondairy product Lactaid added to low fat and nonfat milk may also work to help you meet your desired goal.

calcium rich food

In your efforts to lose weight, make sure that the weight loss program that you use includes calcium-rich food choices. And if it does, you will need to add them yourself. No matter what weight loss program you are on or what other means you use to lose weight, here are some good ideas recommended by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) that you may add to your daily diet in order to get the amount of calcium you need while you lose the weight.

  • Prepare canned soup with skim milk instead of water
  • Add nonfat dry milk to soups, stews, and casseroles
  • Add grated lowfat cheese to salads, tacos, and pasta dishes
  • Eat yogurt as a snack, or use it to make low-calorie dressings
  • Choose calcium-rich desserts, suhc as lowfat cheese and fruit, frozen nonfat or lowfat yogurt, and puddings made with skim milk
  • Drink hot chocolate in the winter made with skim milk

Glenn Gration said if you’re a woman, getting your daily intake of calcium is more important than you think. Find out how!